project overview

Velencia is a Jakarta-based bakery creating decadent desserts made with premium ingredients. They value quality and are focused on creating an indulgent experience for their customers. We worked together to rebrand and redesign their packaging.

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Velencia Bakery cake boxVelencia Bakery Packaging Sticker Label
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Velencia business cards gold foil

the logo

The primary logo is made up of delicate and elegant letterforms which have been customized to have some softer curves. The letter “E” nested inside of the “L” is a subtle nod to the premium ingredients that are baked into their desserts.

Velencia logo variations

Color palette

The primary palette is made up of colors that are calming and elegant. Most of the colors are inspired by the desserts themselves (the gold tone found in the pumpkin pie, the brown found in the chocolate cake, etc.). I included a mix of neutrals tones with some more feminine and playful colors as well.

Velencia color palette


An elegant, condensed serif font was selected for the main heading. Secondary headings and paragraph text use a contemporary sans serif font. A handwritten script is used as accent text.

Velencia typography

Illustration & Patterns

I drew a series of illustrations to be used throughout the brand. The pencil sketch illustrations consist of Velencia's desserts and baking tools. I also combined these illustrations with the different logo variations to create a pattern to be printed on wax paper.

Velencia brand illustrationVelencia brand illustration pattern


After wrapping up the branding, I began exploring ideas for the packaging. The client wanted a pastry box that looked elegant and high quality. We landed on a box form that was unique and featured gold foil. I also designed a sticker template that could be applied to the front of each box to differentiate the desserts.

Velencia packaging box
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