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project overview

Branding for a sheep farm and in-home restaurant located in Æðuvík, Faroe Islands. Hanusarstova offers heimablídni, a dining experience where guests are served traditional homemade Faroese food while conversing with their hosts about the local culture. I had the pleasure of staying on the farm for a few weeks while taking care of the sheep and chickens and helping to cook and host meals. This hands-on experience helped us to create a brand that reflected the warmth and hospitality of this beautiful home.

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the logo

The client was looking for a logo that was simple, approachable, and reminiscent of the homemade qualities of their business. Their home, named Hanusarstova, was originally built in 1898 and is located in Æðuvík about 200 meters from the ocean cliffside. It is where the meals for their guests are hosted, where many of their ingredients are grown, and where their sheep, chickens, dogs, and cat roam free. Because the home is such a central part of this business, it became the leading visual and logomark for the brand. After being presented with a few directions, the client selected the logo with the simple silhouette of the home for the logomark, the hand-drawn typography, and the typographic details representing both the year the company was founded and their tagline.

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Color palette

The color palette was drawn from the colors of the house and surrounding areas. A simple yet sophisticated look is in part due to the three primary colors of this brand: black, white, and red. The black and red are inspired by the black siding and red roof of the home. The secondary colors are reminiscent of the fog, sea, and foliage that can be found near the farm.

Hanusarstova color palette


To achieve a balance of elegant, modern, and approachable, we landed on Freight Display Book for headings and Open Sans for paragraph text and smaller headings.

Hanusarstova typography
Hanusarstova poster stickers

Collateral & Packaging

In addition to the in-home meal service, Hanusarstova also encompasses the photography business of its cofounder, Harriet. She takes beautiful photographs of her sheep and sells them as postcards and posters. Part of my work included applying the newly designed branding to marketing materials and packaging. I designed stickers for each sheep poster that could be applied easily to its cardboard shipping tube.

Hanusarstova postcard
Hanusarstova flyer
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