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Still Hotel

project overview

A conceptual project for a boutique hotel on the Oregon Coast providing a space for relaxation and stillness. The brand feel is earthy, natural, and calming.

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Still hotel welcome brochure
Still Hotel couch. Photo by Charlotte May
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the logo

The main logo features typography that is simple, clean, and modern. The tittle or dot of the "i" is made up of two rectangles which mimic a pause button. This represents the idea of pausing and resting – exactly what Still Hotel hopes its guests will do.

I also created a set of secondary brand marks to be used throughout different applications.

Still Hotel logoStill Hotel Brand Marks

Color palette

The palette is made up of natural, earthy tones inspired by the colors of the Oregon coast. They bring a sense of calm to naturally relax guests.


I selected a simple sans-serif typeface for the main heading and body text in order to bring a contemporary and clean feel. I paired this with a monospaced font for the secondary heading.

Still Hotel typography

Illustration & Patterns

I created this set of illustrations to use on the brand's website and marketing materials. The outlined style matches the simplicity of the overall brand aesthetic while adding some organic strokes.

The supporting brand pattern was inspired by the tittle or dot of the "i" in the logo. This is made up of two rectangles which mimic a pause button and represent the stillness the hotel strives for. The mark has been rotated to make up a pattern that can be across brand assets.

Still Hotel Illustration SetStill Hotel brand pattern
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