Messina Bakery & Cafe

project overview

A conceptual project for a Sicilian inspired bakery and cafe serving pastries, desserts, and light bites for breakfast and lunch. Messina is a modern twist on an authentic Sicilian bakery. The brand is meant to be clean and sophisticated while still incorporating elements of a vintage European style.

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fruitful results

The Messina menu won the Best Menu Print Design award by DesignRush.

Messina packagingMessina Pastry Sleeve
Messina Bread Wrap and Card
Messina Paper Wrap
Messina Apron
Messina Tote Bag
Messina Menus
Messina Business Cards
Messina Paper CupsMessina Bakery web design
Messina Interior
Messina Baked Goods

the logo

The main logo features simple typography inspired by the narrow and condensed letterforms often found in Italian signage. I added a wave to the crossbar of the "A" to add some personality and elegance. The symbols on either side of the "Bakery & Cafe" text are inspired by shapes found in Sicilian tiles and are used throughout the brand.

I also created a set of secondary brand marks to be used throughout different applications.

Messina Full LogoMessina Brand Marks

Color palette

The palette is influenced by the traditional blues of the Mediterranean and the warm tones commonly found in the buildings of Sicily.

Messina Bakery & Cafe branding colors


I selected a playful and elegant serif for the main headings and paired it with a wide and round sans serif for the body text. The combination is meant to feel classy with a touch of eccentricity.

Messina Bakery & Cafe typography

Illustration & Patterns

I drew a series of six illustrations to be used throughout the brand. I wanted to add some organic, hand-drawn elements to balance out the very clean and simple logo.

I also created a variety of patterns to be applied in different areas of the brand, such as the tiles in the interior of the bakery. Most of these patterns use the decorative element in the logo.

Messina Bakery & Cafe illustrations croissant coffee cannoli dessertMessina Bakery & Cafe tile design
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