Starfruit playful plant-foward eating 5 cards


project overview

Starfruit is a playful card set that introduces the basics of plant-forward eating. Each card illustrates the history, health benefits, and preparation instructions for a whole plant food ingredient. This set of highly stylized cards can be used to create plant-forward recipes and displayed in one’s kitchen.

brand keywords

Modern (with a touch of Retro)


Brand Design

Starfruit scattered cardsStarfruit logo
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Messina Baked Goods
Starfruit card box packaging
Messina Apron
Messina Tote Bag
Starfruit card set and box packaging

the logo

The primary logo features stacked text made up of a modern, high contrast font. I've customized the letterforms to add more movement and playfulness to their shape. The logo is meant to strike a balance between sophisticated and fun.

Starfruit logo variations

Color palette

The primary palette is made up of bright and bold colors. The colors are mainly inspired by plants and help the brand to feel playful and fun.

Starfruit color palette


The main heading uses a '70s-inspired font that feels retro but still has some modern characteristics. The subheading and paragraph text feature a geometric sans serif font with rounded curves that feels very friendly.

Starfruit typography

Illustration & Patterns

I created a series of illustrations, depicting each plant in the card set. I also arranged the illustrations into patterns to be used on the back sides of the cards. As a secondary graphic element, I created irregular checkered patterns to be used across the brand.

Starfruit Plant PatternsStarfruit checkered patterns

kind words

“Seeing my vision for the brand come to life was nothing short of incredible! Plum Design was able to take my descriptions and examples and create a cohesive brand that exactly matched my vision. Mariel perfectly captured the look and feel I was hoping for with the brand. She respected my taste and opinions but also offered gentle guidance on areas that could be improved - the overall brand is much stronger as a result!”

— Kelly, Starfruit

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