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Goddess Mousse

project overview

A vegan chocolate mousse company sold in grocery stores across Portland. Inspired by nourishing indulgence, Goddess Mousse is as nutritious as a protein bar, as creamy as ice cream, and as decadent as a chocolate truffle. The main goal of the rebrand was to improve label legibility and to help their products stand out on shelves.

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fruitful results

Within 4 weeks of launching their new brand and packaging on shelves, Goddess Mousse saw a 3X increase in sales in specialty & natural grocery stores. They also won a Startup CPG Shelfie Award in the Dessert category.

Goddess Mousse vegan chocolate mousse logo design
Messina Interior
Messina Interior
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Goddess Mousse logomark wax seal and stamp
Goddess Mousse vegan orange hazelnut chocolate mousse


A look at the Goddess Mousse logo and packaging before our work together. The main goal of the rebrand was to improve label legibility and to help their products stand out on shelves. The owner also wanted branding that would convey a warm and welcoming feeling while still communicating the indulgence of the product.

Goddess Mousse previous logo branding

the logo

The logotype is inspired by the smooth, silky texture of the mousse and the movement of one’s hand as they eat with a spoon. The symmetrical nature of the logomark portrays the balanced wellbeing that the product is meant to nurture. If you take a closer look at the icon you’ll notice it is made up of the following: a spoon to represent the spoonable desserts, leaves to represent the plant-based protein and connection to the earth, and a sparkle to represent the nourishment and indulgence.

Messina Full LogoMessina Full Logo

Color palette

The primary color palette is made up of a mix of lighter, calming tones (lavender and cream) and deep, decadent feeling tones (like the chocolate brown and dark raspberry). A secondary color palette will be used across the product packaging to indicate flavor, such as a mint green.

goddess mousse color palette


The previous branding incorporated a script font which was causing some issues with legibility, especially when it came to the product packaging. We intentionally selected a very clean and simple sans-serif brand font in order to improve readability and to nicely balance the more decorative font used in the logo.

Goddess Mousse typography

kind words

“Mariel listened to and embraced my big ideas, then went above and beyond executing them into fruition. From the initial brainstorm, to revisions and refinement, it was an inspiring, collaborative, and truly thoughtful process! She is attentive to detail, organized, and visionary. She communicates design applications with an impressively holistic blend of intuition, creativity, and pragmatism. My goals for the project were absolutely exceeded. I’m so proud of the final work and can’t wait to share it with the world! It feels like my brand is finally a clear and cohesive expression!”

— Kellan, Goddess Mousse

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