May Leaves Stars branding

May Leave Stars

project overview

May Leave Stars is a blog and online community that aims to help young women through their cancer journey. I worked with founder and breast cancer survivor, Kelly Horan, to create a brand and website that would be inspiring, informative, and supportive.

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May Leave Stars branding on laptop, mobile, and stationeryMay Leave Stars business cardsMay Leaves Stars stationeryMay Leave Stars website
May Leaves Stars emotion wheel
May Leaves Stars sweatshirt mockup

the logo

The client was looking for a logo that was elegant, feminine, and approachable. We explored several options ranging from simple typographic logos to handwritten text. After narrowing it down to four directions, the client selected a logo that was delicate and incorporated star imagery to tie in with the name of the business.

May Leaves Stars logo explorationsMay Leaves Stars logo explorations

Color palette

The palette is a mix of natural and bright colors. The client wanted to stay away from the more traditional pink that is commonly used to represent breast cancer. I selected pinks that were more peachy and purple to help the brand feel feminine. I combined that with blues and gold to tie in the night sky and the stars. The palette is meant to feel inviting and uplifting.

May Leaves Stars color palette


I selected a serif for all heading text and paired it with a simple sans serif font for the paragraph text. This combination helps the brand to feel approachable yet modern.

May Leaves Stars typography


I created hand drawn illustrations using an iPad Pro to support the brand. From illustrations of women supporting women to patterns of stars, each piece is intended to bring an imperfect and whimsical quality to the brand.

May Leaves Stars illustrationMay Leaves Stars patternMay Leaves Stars worry jar illustration