Iris & Oak

project overview

A conceptual project for a San Francisco-based botanical boutique. The shop sells flower bouquets, plants, and a small selection of curated gifts. Iris & Oak is an elegant and earthy brand whose mission is to help others connect and spread love.

services provided

Branding, Packaging, Illustration, Print, Web Design

brand keywords

Elegant, Earthy, Feminine, Encouraging, Classy

Iris & Oak Full LogoIris & Oak business cardsflower bouquet and packaging
Iris and Oak Website Mockup
Iris & Oak stationery and mobile web design
Iris & Oak Shop Front
iris and oak tote bag
Iris & Oak tissue paperIris & Oak gift wrap packagingIris & Oak Print Booklet
Iris & Oak Tshirt
photography by Fen Ivanova

the logo

The primary logo is made up of modern typography and delicate illustrations of an iris and an oak leaf. The mark is intended to feel elegant, feminine, and high-end. The iris represents hope and courage while the oak leaf symbolizes strength and endurance. These are all sentiments that a customer may want to pass on to someone they love, whether it be through a gift of flowers or plants.

I also created a set of secondary brand marks to be uses throughout different applications.

Iris & Oak Full LogoIris & Oak Secondary Brand Marks

Color palette

The brand palette features some soft, natural tones inspired by leaves and flowers found in nature. It also incorporates some dark and moody tones that help bring in a feeling of sophistication.


I selected a modern and elegant serif for the main headings, a monospaced sans serif typeface for the secondary headings, and a friendly sans serif for the body text.

Iris & Oak Typography

Illustration & Patterns

I illustrated an iris and an oak leaf which are included in the primary logo. I also turned this into a pattern to be used across  marketing materials and packaging.

Iris & Oak Illustrated Pattern