project overview

A complete website redesign for an airspace security platform that detects, classifies, and mitigates all drone threats. I worked closely with the Dedrone team to reorganize the structure of their preexisting website and develop new content that would be both visually compelling and educational.

services provided

Web Design & Implementation

tools used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Webflow

dedrone web design screens
dedrone sensor web page

moodboards & Inspiration

In the early stages of this project I worked alongside designer, Elizabeth West, to develop an overall look and feel. She worked on selecting typography to be used across website and other marketing materials. To help us determine the feeling of the website and what it should accomplish, we started with a word map and eventually narrowed down those words into three pillars: educational, reassuring, and prescient.

From there, we pulled inspiration for moodboards. We gravitated most towards an illustration and iconography style that used thin strokes and looked technical. We liked the idea of incorporating a mix of sleek product photography and aerial photography, as if from the viewpoint of a drone. We also thought the balance of dark, serious colors with clean whites and a few bright accents would work well.

Moodboard images gathered from: ueno, johan gren, nur praditya wibisono, jam3, JCD, Giga Tamarashvili, handsome, Patryk Zabielski

word map




moodboardaerial photos

Sketches & wireframes

After determining the structural organization of the website and creating a sitemap, I began sketching ideas for each page. Eventually, those sketches were turned into wireframes.

website sketcheswebsite sketchesweb wireframes

Visual Design

Once the general layout was approved, I moved on to creating visual mockups of the pages. A few rounds of revisions were necessary in determining the visual styles and details used throughout the website. From colors, to button styles, to form styles, every detail was considered. Once the design of a few pages were finalized, I began implementing them into Webflow. Webflow made it easy to create responsive designs and add custom interactions and  animations.

website early mockups

Illustrations & Iconography

The illustrations and icons used throughout the website were also a collaboration with Elizabeth West. The visuals shown here are some that I worked on independently. The animation was built in Webflow and featured on the home page.

map illustrationhow it works illustrationicons
dedrone web design screens